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How To Enhance Your Day With Wedding Rentals

Wedding Tips

August 5, 2020

I can’t begin to tally the number of hours I’ve spent scrolling Pinterest oohing and ahhing over wedding inspiration. It wasn’t around back in 2009 when I was planning our wedding and boy would it have made my life easier! It was like a bright, shining beacon of wedding goodness. And it’s only become more amazing over the years! There are so many amazing resources on there that answer basically any question a bride might find herself having. Not to mention endless inspiration to take your wedding to the next level. One of the hidden gems of doing that? Wedding rentals! No matter the venue for your big day, it’s easy and affordable to rent custom items that can help make your day more fun and memorable. Think it’s just for indoor spaces? Think again! Wedding rentals can help make any indoor or outdoor space more tailored to the theme you’ve been dreaming of for your day.

Here are a few of my favorite types of rentals you can easily find to help make your day one of a kind!

1. Outdoor Flooring

Other than the most widely known tents and umbrellas you can rent for an outdoor ceremony or reception to help keep guests out of the sun or as a spot out of the rain, there are great options for outdoor flooring to help protect dresses and shoes from dirt or mud. Wood flooring, moveable tiles, or vintage rugs are just some of the fun ways you can use flooring in your outdoor space!

2. Portable Bar

I mean…who DOESN’T want a cute beer or wine bar on their big day?! Beer and wine are always a popular decision for these, as it can help keep the bar lines in check once the night gets moving and guests are ready to have a good time. It’s also a great way to offer spirits if your space doesn’t include a bar. Not drinkers though? A candy, ice cream, coffee, or s’mores bar are just a few other takes on this fun addition!!

3. Chairs/Loveseats

One of my favorite ways I love to see couples add a dramatic pop to their day is through rented chairs or loveseats. Obviously, your event is already going to come with chairs provided, but it’s definitely worth paying a little extra for a fun seating arrangement for the bride and groom!!

4. Dividers

Having your ceremony and reception in the same room or do both need to be under a tent? Use dividers to help create a visual boundary between areas. Unique dividers, pipe with draping, or partitions are easy ways to section off each part of your day to help keep attendees where they need to be for events throughout the day. It also gives your vendor team the ease of setting up everything in advance for your event so you and your guests don’t have to wait while they flip a room from ceremony to dinner and dance.

5. Arches/Hoops/Backdrops

Give me all the floral arches and hooooooops!! What’s out there for couples to rent today is so much more unique and gorgeous than the cookie-cutter plastic arches with plastic flowers of decades ago. Decor rental companies and/or florists are absolutely outdoing themselves with the gorgeous arches and backdrops being offered, from simple metal structures decked out in florals to elaborate wood arches with floral swags and draping. Such a fun way to make a statement on your wedding day!!

There you have it, some of my favorite ways brides and grooms are enhancing their wedding day decor with rentals! Is there anything on the list you’re loving? Or is there something you love that I need to add?! Let me know!!

Much love friends,


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